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John Gabriel  Director of Pro Scouting and Free Agency, New York Knicks

Professional Experience

Director of Pro Scouting and Free Agency, New York Knicks

2004-2007 NBA Scout, Portland Trailblazers

General Manager, Orlando Magic

Vice President of Basketball Operations/Player Personnel, Orlando Magic

Director of Player Personnel, Director of Scouting, Assistant Coach, Orlando Magic

Assistant Coach, Director of Video Scouting, Scouting Coordinator, Philadelphia 76ers

Career Highlights

NBA Executive of the Year (2000)

Drafted Rookie of the Year Player, Mike Miller, in 2000

Sports Illustrated Executive of the Year (2001)

Five NBA Playoffs as General Manager (1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003)

Atlantic Division Champions (1999)

Two NBA Playoffs as a Vice President (1995 and 1996)

NBA Finals (1995)

Eastern Conference Finals (1996)

Eastern Conference Champions (1995)

Atlantic Division Champions (1995 and 1996)

Three consecutive playoff appearances with the Knicks (2011-2013)

Graduated in 1978 from Kutztown State Teachers College (now Kutztown University of Pennsylvania), where he also played basketball. He was inducted into the school's Athletics Hall of Fame in 2006