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Larry Kauffman  Vice President of Finance, Kauffman Sports Management Group

Larry's Favorite Sports Moment

"When the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals to win the 1980 World Series title. Growing up in Philly, my dad, brother and I were huge Phillies fans and we watched a lot of the games together."


For the past twenty years Larry has served as the Vice President and Director of Finance for Kauffman Sports Management Group. Larry's expertise and knowledge provides the firm with the solid financial base on which Kauffman Sports operates.

Over the past twenty years, Larry has helped clients with a variety of important matters such as income tax preparation and consulting, bill paying, budgeting, obtaining insurance policies, introducing them to financial advisors, along with various other business services. These services have been provided to professional athletes, coaches and broadcasters, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Larry received a B.A. in Accounting and a Master of Taxation from Philadelphia University.