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KSMG :: Testimonials

“Steve is not only one of the few agents you can trust, but also one of the few great agents.”
Doc Rivers - Head Coach, Boston Celtics
(Doc Rivers was represented by Steve Kauffman as a player and continues to be a tax client of Larry Kauffman and KSMG)

“You have always demonstrated an integrity that all agents could learn from.”
Excerpt from a letter to Steve Kauffman from Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster, Dr. Jack Ramsey

"Steve is a brilliant guy. He has done everything except playing in the basketball world. He is very thorough, been on both sides of many negotiations, and knows the law and the [NBA's] collective bargaining agreement inside and out."
Mark Warkentien - Director of Player Personnel, New York Knicks

“The thing that has most impressed me about Steve Kauffman is his integrity. He is a straight forward sports attorney who not only knows his profession as well as any; he is a man who always conducts business in a tough yet honorable fashion. That’s a very important reputation.”
Pat Williams - Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic